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We’re here for you, whatever 2021 brings…

NYES exists to support educators nationally in the delivery of quality education and our team of experts are available to assist you and your whole school community in these increasingly challenging times.

Throughout what was a tough year for everyone, our teams and services across NYES have worked to overcome obstacles and continue to develop, innovate, adapt and respond to the changing needs of you, our customers.  We will continue to do the same in the difficult months ahead and we are here to support you and your learners, no matter what difficulties we may all face.

From a customer base initially established in North Yorkshire, our organisation has grown considerably and now has 1000 customers nationwide. Any profit generated from NYES commercial activity is reinvested into core services, such as children and young people’s services and health and social care; we offer quality, reliable, customer focussed services with moral purpose.

We are constantly reviewing our products and services and are intent on supporting education in the most innovating ways we can. Last year we made the decision to work towards offering our full portfolio of training online and we are excited to start 2021 with NYES Online Learning.  We are, as ever, working to provide you with the support and skills needed to meet the changing needs of your whole school community and hope that you are able to benefit from some of our digital training over the coming months. We are starting off January with various short courses in Ed-tech, Well-being, Health and Safety, Occupational Health, Human Resources and Catering.

If you have any queries or suggestions as to how we may be able to help in these challenging times or for further details about our courses, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the teams and services across NYES and our customers and partners for all you do, and wish you all the best of luck for the New Year.