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COP26 Event: 2,000 Pupils Pledge to Save Planet Earth

“Fantastic and very informative! The children have really enjoyed listening and have learnt a lot of information, and have thought carefully about how to help the world around them!”

Over 2,000 pupils attended our recent Pupil Climate Change Event. The event was inspired by the international COP 26 summit which took place in Glasgow. Our aim was for as many pupils as possible to explore climate change and learn about what they could do in school, and at home, to cut carbon and make a difference.

Pupils heard from Local Author Katie Daynes, author of “Can We Really Help the Polar Bears?” and then took part in interactive workshops from Yorkshire Rotters, Power Down Pete, Craven Development Education Centre and NYCC Youth Voice.

Beyond Carbon
We were also delighted to be joined by the Chief Executive of North Yorkshire County Council, Richard Flinton, to tell us about the work that the Council have been doing to reduce carbon emissions via our Beyond Carbon initiative. The Council are working hard to save carbon using a variety of methods from travelling less, recycling and planting trees to our biggest carbon saving, changing all the bulbs in the streetlights to low energy bulbs. Richard also joined in with the live pledge sharing.

Your Top 3 Pledges

At the end of the event we asked pupils to tell us their planet-saving pledges. It was really exciting to see everyone’s pledges flooding in! This is their top 3:

1. Plant trees

2. Recycle

3. Save energy

Some pupils came up with really creative suggestions as to how they could save carbon, such as going outside to play instead of playing inside on devices. We were also thrilled to see schools pledging to work on their next Eco Schools Award – this shows a whole-school commitment to saving the planet.

This highly-interactive event was a great success, with a big THANK YOU going to the pupils themselves. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Watch Again
We recorded all of the sessions so you could watch them again. Click on this link to access them:

You may need to enter this password “Climate 2021” to view. These recordings will be available here until 1st December.

Power Down Pete

We had a fantastic response to Power Down Pete’s online workshop. Pete is now scheduling in visits to schools and will be coming soon to a school near you. Why not book him yourself? Simply contact to find out more.