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FREE Risk Management Webinar from Veritau

Want to learn more about how to manage risk within your education setting? Join us as we discuss practical ways to avoid common mistakes and how to get the best out of your risk management arrangements.

Veritau’s Risk Management Group is delighted to be able to invite you along to our complimentary webinar ‘School of Risk: Fundamental concepts for an education setting’. In this one-and-a-half hour interactive session we will be explaining fundamental risk concepts, learning about what makes a successful risk management process, working through how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when it comes to implementing risk management arrangements, and teaching you how to use a highly effective tool for analysing risks.


The webinar is aimed at anyone working in a school or academy of any size who has a stake or interest in how risk is managed within the organisation. The content is as relevant to teaching staff and leadership teams as it is to central teams and to trustees or governors. We want to increase confidence in, and accessibility of, risk management as tool to help achieve strategic and operational objectives. The webinar is designed to be engaging and interactive. At times we will be going back to basics and at others there will be opportunity for critical thinking and reflection.

The webinar will introduce and reinforce understanding of key risk concepts, before explaining the key processes involved in managing risk and how these should be supported by a wider framework. It will then take attendees through a number of common pitfalls and challenges associated with implementing effective risk management arrangements, providing practical advice on how to avoid and overcome them.

Towards the end of the webinar, there will be a taster session which will give attendees the chance to use an industry-recognised tool for identifying and analysis critical risks. The session will conclude by giving a brief overview of Veritau’s new risk management service.


  • Increased knowledge and understanding of key risk concepts
  • Increased understanding of the component parts of a risk management process and framework
  • Increased awareness of common mistakes that are made in implementing risk management and how to avoid making the same ones
  • Practical tools to help identify, analyse and manage critical risks.

How To Book

This FREE event is available to book here: School of Risk: fundamental concepts for an education setting Tickets, Wed 19 Jan 2022 at 14:00 | Eventbrite

If you are an existing NYES customer, you can also book via your SLA Online account – we look forward to seeing you there!