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Home-schooling and online learning: a parent's view

Our Campaigns Officer, Victoria, shares her first experience of home-schooling and how using the CENTURY online platform has been invaluable for her and her children.

Adjusting to the new reality of working from home and home-schooling my two children has meant I’ve had to adapt our lifestyles like never before and at an unimaginable pace. Like most parents, ensuring our children feel safe and happy comes before everything else, trying to create a routine and lifestyle that is both familiar and stimulating.

Within days I was sent hundreds of links to learning platforms, websites, free story-reading times, PE workouts, workbooks and much more. Sorting through them all and establishing which would be right for each of my children for each of the different subject areas was a long and daunting task. Where I found something that would work for my youngest child, it wasn’t right for my older child.

How was I possibly going to teach so many different subjects to two different age groups at the same time without one being disadvantaged?

Then I came across CENTURY. It was the perfect solution! Not only did it cover the three core subjects of maths, English and science, I could create a user profile for each child and the content would be adapted for each based on their age and ability. Perfect! It took just two minutes to set up my account and my children’s user profiles and just like that we were all set up and ready to home-school!

One week in and a new routine is beginning to take shape in our household. After our 9am workout with Joe Wicks we move straight onto CENTURY and work together. We tend to work on the same subject area at the same time, but CENTURY is so flexible, I could have one child working on maths and the other on science if they wanted to work on different subject areas.

At times they do get stuck on a certain question or topic. CENTURY makes a note of this and adds it to their personalised learning journey to keep working on and delivers bite-size videos explaining key concepts they have been stuck on previously. It’s like having my very own Teaching Assistant helping me out! Each video is short, easy to understand and interactive, followed by a handful of questions at the end to ensure each child has understood the new concept being taught.

Whilst we are using other educational materials such as workbooks and online videos and educational games for variety, CENTURY is by far our home-schooling foundation.

Though this situation has been thrust upon us, I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to teach my children. Whilst it comes with its challenges, with the right support and platforms in place, I think I can make this a really positive experience for my children and one they will benefit from, both emotionally and intellectually.


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