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Join our SRMA Team

Are you a School Business or Finance Manager, Chief Financial Officer or Head of Financial Services?

Are you an expert in ICFP and benchmarking?

Could you use your experience in education to work with, support and give advice to schools?

North Yorkshire County Council are proud to be only one of two supplier organisations in the country to be appointed by the DfE to supply School Resource Management Advisers (SRMAs) Nationally as part of the government strategy for supporting excellent school resource management. NYES Financial Management Services manage this contract on behalf of the council.

You can contact us at:

What is a School Resource Management Adviser (SRMA)?

SRMAs are expert practitioners who provide peer-to-peer, tailored advice to individual trusts and schools, working with them to identify opportunities for savings and efficiencies, and helping them to strengthen financial governance and oversight.

SRMAs provide individualised and holistic support to schools and academies to enable them to ensure they provide effective resource management, and typically focus on:

  • Financial planning approach, management and effectiveness;
  • Integrated Curriculum and Financial Planning (ICFP) approach and effectiveness, including use of benchmarking analysis;
  • School improvement strategies and budgetary implications;
  • Financial governance and internal capacity and capability;
  • Pupil number projections and implications for financial planning and curriculum design;
  • Approach to procurement and management of non-staff goods and services;
  • Cost savings/initiatives the school/trust has already undertaken to address declining financial health/improved use of resources/school improvement.

Full Details of the SRMA Role can be downloaded here

How do I become an SRMA?

The DfE have specified all SRMAs must meet the criteria below:

Essential skills

  • Must have at least two years’ experience of: 
    • School business management, or  
    • Financial management in a school setting; 
  • Must have a good understanding of how the school system works. 
  • Must be experts in the concepts of ICFP and benchmarking. 
  • Must have a good understanding excellent resource management and know how best value from budgets can be obtained through procurement, recruitment, financial governance and financial forecasting. 

Desirable skills

  • A minimum of two years’ experience as an accountant or similar role. 

We can help you through the accreditation process by providing one to one support and advice along each step of your SRMA journey.  We are currently looking for aspiring candidates and so if you would like more information, or simply an informal chat then please email us at: 

Ready to apply?

To apply to be a SRMA with us complete our application form here and email it to and we will support you as you begin your journey to becoming an accredited SRMA.

The Journey to Accreditation

SRMAs must work with one of the two providers the DfE has selected as SRMA supplier organisations. Once you are registered with us, we will work with the accreditation provider, Education Performance Improvement Limited (EPI) to support you through the process.

Accreditation takes the following route:

  • Online webinar
  • 1:2:1 call with an experienced SRMA
  • Training – optional on first attempt, mandatory on second
  • Case study
  • Assessment panel
  • EPI decision and Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) verification

You will be paid £400 upon successful accreditation.

Benefits of working with North Yorkshire

  • Supplemental training on ICFP, key metrics, benchmarking, along with hints and tips on how to approach the case study and panel.
  • Practice case studies and panel interview to ensure you are well prepared.
  • One to one support and training as required.
  • An experienced and dedicated SRMA team.


Congratulations, you are successfully accredited! What next?

ESFA issue deployments to us on a monthly basis and we allocate these according skills, location and availability. A typical deployment is 5 days. You will be paid £400 per day for each deployment.

The SRMA will:

  • Agree introductory meeting within 2 weeks of formal commissioning documents received from ESFA.
  • Request information required and review.
  • Meet with CEO, CFO and Chair as a minimum in a trust and with LA representatives and Headteacher and SBM of any nominated schools in a LA deployment.
  • Discuss any potential recommendations/outcome of your analysis to determine achievability.
  • Agree exit meeting within 4 weeks of acceptance.
  • Complete deployment within 6 weeks of introductory meeting.
  • Submit report to ESFA within 10 working days of exit meeting.


DfE Information and Links

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The SRMA programme is a DfE funded system leadership role.  You can read the outcomes of the pilot here.   School resource management adviser (SRMA) pilot evaluation - GOV.UK (