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  • Healthy Eating Poem Competition
    Healthy Eating Poem Competition

    North Yorkshire Catering is excited to announce our Healthy Eating Poem Competition! We want your pupils to get creative and write a poem about healthy eating.


    We want pupils to set their creative minds free, and write a poem about healthy eating – you can be as adventurous with this task as you like (even a few drawings and handwritten would be lovely)! We hope this will be a great challenge to dig into whilst being at home, and maybe even inspire you to choose a healthy snack whilst writing your poem!

  • We’re here for you, whatever 2021 brings…
    NYES exists to support educators nationally in the delivery of quality education and our team of experts are available to assist you and your whole school community in these increasingly challenging times. Find out more about what we've been doing...
  • new feature: nurturing resilience
    Nurturing Resilience
    In this latest feature from our Inclusion Team, Gavin Hayman, Project Manager, discusses how to develop the nurturing approach; supporting children in developing self-esteem, a sense of belonging and resilience.
  • Autism Inclusion - Listening to the autistic voice is the way forward
    Autism Inclusion - Listening to the autistic voice is the way forward
    In recent years, there has been a push for autism awareness across the globe. There is currently a major shift in thinking to advance from awareness, to acceptance, and ensuring that all humanity’s diversity is accepted, included and valued. As we move forward in our thinking, there comes a need for a deeper understanding of Autism, and central to that is ensuring we are listening to the autistic voice.
  • child in playgrouns
    What do you know about Child Exploitation?
    There are many forms of exploitation, however at the centre a child or young person is at risk of harm or a victim of abuse. In this feature our Safeguarding expert, Alana Miles, talks about exploitation, how to spot the signs and how to strengthen your ability to support vulnerable children.