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  • Christmas Poetry Competition
    Christmas Poetry Competition 2019
    This year we are running a very special competition to inspire pupils’ creative writing.
  • Harry Rashid and Helen Cooper
    NYES acquires specialist schools HR service
    North Yorkshire Education Service (NYES) continues its growth across the UK in the education sector as it completes the acquisition of a dedicated schools HR service.
  • teacher and nursery pupil
    Teacher retention and recruitment: what will government investment really mean?
    With the recent announcement by the government to provide a raft of new funding for schools, our Resourcing Solutions team look at what impact it could have on the recruitment and retention of teaching staff.
  • The Future of Education and the Role of Technology

    65% of primary school children will go into jobs that do not yet exist. I was blown away by this statement at a conference in October 2018, I literally spent days ruminating about – what it meant for the children of today? Are robots actually going to take over? Are we destined for mass unemployment? Why bother learning? In reality, the landscape of the future jobs market is very exciting, very different to today, but exciting nonetheless and filled with opportunities.

  • Amazing recognition for Resourcing Solutions and NYHR

    NYES Resourcing Solutions and North Yorkshire HR’s excellence in the Education Sector has been recognised nationally; they have been awarded Best HR/OD Evidence Based Improvement Programme for their work with Education partners in North Yorkshire Coastal region by the PPMA (Public-Sector Personnel Management Association).