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  • children on ipads
    Setting/streaming: what's your take?
    As everyone settles down into a new term, teachers are getting to grips with their new classes, parents are happily back into a routine and the children – well, it’s like they’ve never been away, but what lies ahead in the year to come?
  • adults talking HR
    Long Term Sickness – Managing the Toughest Cases
    We continue to add to our series of ‘top tips’ sheets to help Heads and other school leaders deal with the most difficult situations of staff ill health.
  • adults talking
    Managing performance: headteacher appraisals
    Every governor knows how their role has grown in recent years and how the expectations of them have risen in parallel. However, one critical event in the annual governance calendar that has always been with us is Headteacher Appraisal.
  • I could have been a ballet dancer
    One of my favourite films is “Billy Elliott”. I had tears when Julie Walters reads Billy’s letter and when his grandma, says “...I could have been a ballet dancer!”. As a teacher, gran’s lack of opportunity played heavily on me. I asked myself; “Will any of my pupils ever have such sad regrets in their later lives?”
  • Computers with headphones
    Broadband: making the right choice
    Internet provision is now essential to schools...find out all you need to know about choosing a provider