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Linda Wilson
Linda Wilson

Linda is results orientated, with a proven track record of sales and business growth, extensive experience in relationship management with strong leadership skills. Delivering the NYES sales strategy, with sales outperforming all previous years and thirteen years’ experience in the Education sector. Linda has an excellent record across strategic and operational sales and contract retention, delivering exceptional customer service whilst meeting and exceeding both personal and team sales targets.

Linda works closely with the NYES services portfolio to achieve sales growth across the UK, representing NYES at regional and national events promoting the NYES brand. She heads the sales team, working closely with each team member to empower them to achieve individual targets, build networks and reach their full potential.

Previously Linda worked for a cosmetics company being one of the leading sales managers with sales revenue in the top 5% nationally, receiving an all expenses holiday to Victoria Falls bonus.

Linda is passionate in her work with a strong belief in the moral purpose of public sector working, with a clear understanding of the use of taxpayer’s money and the importance of ensuring best value.