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Louise Burke
Louise Burke

Louise manages a wide portfolio including innovation, intelligence, marketing and product development in her role as Senior NYES Manager. Before joining NYES in 2018 Louise was the joint owner of a successful engineering company for 14 years, completing her MBA in 2015 whilst running a business full time and going on to become a freelance Business Consultant in 2016.

Using her wide ranging experience in business management, Louise’s aim is to find innovation through products, services and processes that can shake up the way we do things and set us ahead in our game.

Louise has always had an entrepreneurial spirit; always on the hunt for new ideas and ways of doing things, she loves to take on new challenges and to help others to find the courage do the same – whether professionally or personally. In her spare time she is either running or practising yoga.

“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try”, Jack Canfield.