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Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day: from then to now

Safer Internet Day has been promoting a safer internet experience for everyone, but specifically children, since 2004. Starting with 14 countries, it has focused on blocking bullying online, staying safe, protecting privacy and developing a more conscientious culture.

By the time of the tenth Safer Internet Day in 2013, we had seen the inaugural decade of Safer Internet Day create and promote the ‘report abuse’ button; the ‘think before you post’ message for social media and share the key message of ‘Internet: it’s more than just a game’. In 2013 ‘Connect with Respect’ led the message of online rights and responsibilities to children and schools across more than 100 countries worldwide too.

With a reach of over 150 countries last year, Safer Internet Day is continuing to grow in influence and importance, and the themes have continued to reflect the reality that the internet is a community of people, much like any country, county or school is, and the importance that each individual has in making that community a welcoming, respectful and safe place to be.

This Safer Internet Day we want to make the internet an inclusive place. Everyone has a part to play in this happening - whether by being an upstander, an ally, a champion for difference, or just by being themselves. This year the Safer Internet Day campaign is using the hashtag #freetobe – exploring all of the things that young people should be free to be, when they are online.

Our service continues to support schools and young people to be #freetobe whatever they want to be. We protect servers from viruses and malware, we have a team of technicians to keep the hardware and equipment up to date and working well, and we have advisers and support colleagues who can train you, workshop with children and young people, or guide you through your challenges to help you succeed in whatever your technology-based aims are.

If you think we can help in any way, please contact us and we will happily discuss how we can help you, so you can help your pupils be #freetobe not just this Safer Internet Day, but every day they are with you.


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