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Computer in classroom



Schools ICT’s priority is to support schools with reliable broadband that enables staff and students to safely connect and use the internet.

  • Connectivity by NYnet: We will work with you to provide you with the most suitable internet broadband package to get you connected – assessing your usage and what your future needs might look like
  • Filtering by Smoothwall UTM: Provides a layer of protection between your network and users against web and non-web born threats and includes firewall, web content filtering and Anti-Malware in a single integrated package
  • Antivirus by Sophos Endpoint Protection: A way to secure your computer systems against malware and advanced threats, such as targeted attacks
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support: A service to manage, administer, support and maintain your Office365 suite of applications including Email, Skype, OneNote and SharePoint
  • Encryption by Egress: An added layer of protection when sending emails through encryption so the information and attachments are sent securely
  • Help Desk: Subscribing to our broadband services means you will receive unlimited Help Desk support as part of your subscription for rapid problem solving, we will also work with you to set up and manage your preferences for all the above packages


We also offer a full range of cloud based services to get the most from your connection to the internet, including:

  • Secure Website Hosting
  • A cloud based file sharing option using SharePoint
  • An automatic Remote Backup Solution from Redstor
  • A mobile device management service from Mobile Guardian
  • A hosted telephone solution from Mitel and options for mobile phone contracts
  • Handsets through Virgin and EE

Our experience and specialist knowledge of broadband make us the trusted choice in this field.

  • Available: We offer unlimited telephone assistance to provide you with the support you need - help is just a phone call, email, or click away
  • Flexible: Schools ICT work with you to fully assess the needs of your workplace, supplying you with the most suitable packages for today and the future
  • Professional: All of our staff are qualified and experienced professionals who understand the needs and challenges of a wide range of schools and organisations
  • Improvement: We are always trying to keep on the cutting edge of IT support by observing current and future improvements to broadband access