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Teacher and child



We have an excellent team of educational psychologists on hand to support the most complex groups of vulnerable children and young people. Working directly with them at a time when they need the most support, you can be confident in our expertise and the care and personal approach we bring. The team can also work with you to implement appropriate support and intervention.

Through our training and support packages, you can benefit from specialist consultation, student psychological assessments, practical advice and staff Continuing Professional Development (CPD)via our team of educational psychologists.

  • Assessments: Our qualified experts can provide and facilitate specialist assessments including psychometrics, dynamic assessment, therapeutic approaches, and assessment for access arrangements at Key Stage 4
  • Children, parents and carers: We work with children and young people alongside their parents and carers to discover what needs and support they may require
  • Strategy: In addition to working around individual children and young people, we also deliver strategic support to schools and other educational settings, particularly those deemed to be in significant difficulties and SEND (special educational needs and disability) has been identified as an area that requires development
  • Training: Our expert psychologists provide training and CPD for colleges, schools and settings – training includes: Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA), Early Developmental Trauma/Attachment, executive functioning, emotional coaching, growth mind-set, mindfulness and supporting vulnerable learners

High-quality, efficient and positive, our Educational Psychology service enables you to buy a package of professional support tailored to the needs of your organisation.

  • Qualified: Our team of trained educational psychologists are all registered and monitored by the Health and Care Professions Council, so you can be confident that our team has the qualifications and expertise to deliver an exceptional service
  • Flexible: We can tailor support to your specific requirements; be that individual, group or whole-school consultations, and you can choose how often you want this support to take place
  • We care: We work in partnership with you to ensure that the support is provided in the best possible way to create long-lasting, positive outcomes for your children, young people and school