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Reduce energy costs with a school sustainability plan.


Schools in our primary or secondary sustainability plans use 8% less energy per pupil! *

This school sustainability package includes a comprehensive energy and water management service, enabling your school to become more environmentally friendly and save money.  

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*(based on a two-year average total kWh/pupil energy consumption of schools in the Primary and Secondary Package compared to those schools who only take the Bulk Fuel Only option).


Let us tailor a package to suit your school sustainability and energy-saving needs.


Energy supply contracts

By working with our brokers to maximise economies of scale, you’ll get the best rates available for your school or setting


Only pay for what you use

Liaising with energy suppliers, we correct billing and payment errors, targeting excessive consumption and costs


Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and school energy audits

Analysis of how efficiently you use school buildings including recommendations and improvements


School energy saving projects

From energy management systems (heating controls) and oil tank monitors to waste and recycling contracts, saving you energy and money


Schools Carbon Reduction service

Our very own superhero, “Power-down Pete”, can come into your school and work with staff and children on energy, water and sustainability activities, helping you enrich the curriculum and save money at the same time, for more information click here

We will take care of all of your sustainability initiatives and energy compliance, making sure you only pay for the energy you use, and only use what you need. 


Saving money – and helping to save the world!


  • Reduce energy consumption: Many schools have achieved positive results with our service. We will do the same for you!


  • ‘Whole School Approach’: Putting your pupils in the driving seat for reducing energy and water consumption, supporting curriculum-based subjects and the international ‘Eco-Schools’ programme


  • Choice: Complimentary services to monitor energy consumption in schools and identify wastage. Working alongside staff and pupils to identify actions that will save money and energy


  • Cost-effective: Fully procured and compliant energy supply contracts, ensuring you only pay for the energy that you use.


  • One of a kind: Combining monitoring and management with curriculum-focused activities for pupils and staff provided by our very own super-hero, Power-down Pete!