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Would your school or setting benefit from financial management support or advice? Our Financial Management Services team is made up of qualified, experienced professionals who can help you with all of your requirements.

Our flexible services provide a comprehensive range of options to support schools, academies and other settings with financial management expertise.

  • Planning: Get to grips with the future! Our team will help you to plan annual and long-term budgets, provide you with access to financial planning software, and give you guidance on how your school can achieve efficient and effective resource management
  • Training: We can offer financial management training for school staff and governors, providing them with the peace of mind that they are fully aware of their roles and how to discharge them
  • Consultancy: Our advice and consultancy service team are education specialists who are here to assist you with financial management tasks and help you to meet recommended standards
  • Budget monitoring: Keeping control of your finances is a number one priority! We can help you with accurate budget monitoring and reports
  • Helpline: With a dedicated telephone helpline to answer your queries, as and when they arise, we can support you through any financial problems and work with you to find a resolution
  • School Business Management: We can undertake a number of school business management activities in your school and can provide you with invaluable resources, opportunities to network and access to continuing professional development activities  

Our trusted and highly skilled financial advisors are here to provide you with the right guidance and support with all your financial management.

  • Choice: Our range of financial services are designed with flexibility in mind and can be packaged to suit your school or settings specific needs
  • Forward-looking: Our experts can provide you with early insight into local and national school financial management developments making sure you have the right information to make the right decisions
  • Excellence: We combine consistent, first-rate service with effective performance management – and our service quality monitoring enables us to stay at our best
  • Experienced: With over 20 years’ experience our finance specialists have expert knowledge of school, academy and business financial management that is second to none
  • Trusted: Excellent and consistent high levels of school customer satisfaction make us one of the most trusted providers of financial services to schools