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This service provides expert support and advice to help with the administration of claims for free school meals for your pupils, ensuring those pupils who meet the free school meal criteria receive a free meal. We also provide a one stop shop for parents and carers to assist on the application process.

We’ll help you to process those eligible for free school meals by running checks and providing administration – leaving you free to concentrate on your core work.

  • Assessment checks: We have access to the Central Government Eligibility Checking System (ECS), enabling us to conduct checks – taking the hassle away from you and helping you to make decisions quickly
  • Administration: We will cover the administration for the application process
  • Regular audit: To reduce the possibility of parents incurring unnecessary costs we run a regular audit of student eligibility
  • Advice: Our team of professionals are ready to answer your queries and provide any advice you may need regarding free school meals

Our experienced team will save you time and money by running the Free School Meal Assessment Service and ensure pupils entitled to receive a free meal do so.

  • Time-efficient: Our access to the Central Government Eligibility Checking System (ECS) means most decisions are reached within 24 hours
  • Cost-effective: By using our central administration, we will reduce your costs
  • Convenient: Not only can you easily access this service, but it also provides convenient access for parents and carers
  • Professional: Our staff are well informed and can give you appropriate advice as and when you need it