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Promoting inclusion and achievement, securing better learning outcomes for all students together across North Yorkshire and beyond.


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Providing consultancy, training, advice and individually tailored packages, we are able to support you with the following areas:


  • SEND in early years

  • Cognition and learning

  • Communication and Interaction

  • Autism

  • Speech, language and communication needs

  • Social, emotional and mental health

  • Hearing and visual impairments

  • Inclusion for pupils with medical needs

  • Neurodiversity and specific learning difficulties

We can offer:

  • Webinars

  • Direct casework with children

  • Modelling and coaching to develop staff skill in supporting pupils

  • Training, delivering and setting up evidence based interventions

  • Whole school SEND planning and provision mapping

  • Information evenings/support for families


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All schools can access the range of inclusive education. Get in touch today.

Developed with you and your school in mind, helping children and young people to achieve their highest potential. The inclusive education service will give schools, parents and carers confidence and a better understanding of the needs of their children.

  • Improve the confidence of parents and carers in your school’s ability to meet need

  • Improve staff confidence and ability to meet the needs of the most challenging and complex pupils

  • Develop parent/carer/pupil/school partnerships for best outcomes

  • Improve attainment

  • Improve behaviours for learning

Introductory Courses - courses focusing on general SEND topics and SEND processes as they work in North Yorkshire

Early Years SENCO Induction

02/03/2021 & 16/03/2021 


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Primary SENCo Network 

23rd February 2021

13.30 – 15.30

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Secondary SENCo Network

24th February 2021


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Specific areas of need - develop knowledge and practice on a specific area of need

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 19/02/2021  09:00-10:30
Autism Intensive Interaction  13/03/2021  09:30-12:30
Autism Awareness Training  23/02/2021  09:30-12:30
Autism Awareness Training (Early Years focus) 27/02/2021  09:30-12:30
Autism Spectrum Sessions - Emotional Regulation 10/02/2021  11:00-12:30
Autism Spectrum Sessions - Emotional Regulation  16/03/2021  11:00-12:30
Autism Spectrum Sessions - Girls with Autism 16/03/2021  17:00-18:30
Autism Spectrum Sessions - PDA 10/02/2021  13:15-14:45
Autism Spectrum Sessions - PDA 16/03/2021  13:15-14:45
Autism spectrum Sessions - Sensory 10/02/2021  09:00-10:30
Autism Spectrum Sessions - Sensory 16/03/2021  09:00-10:30
Autism Spectrum Sessions - Understanding Behaviour 10/02/2021  15:00-16:30
Autism Spectrum Sessions - Understanding Behaviour  16/03/2021  15:00-16:30
Developing Joint Attention for pupils with Autism & associated communication needs

20/03/2021  09:30-12:30

How To: a Toolkit for TA's 23/03/2021  15:30-17:00
How To: make it visual! 10/03/2021  09:00-10:30
How To: plan & deliver a Lego intervention 10/03/2021  11:00-12:30
Language Acquisition from 0-3 years 03/03/2021  18:00-21:00
Language Development for TA's - identifying SLCN and strategies to support 03/02/2021  15:30-17:00
Speech & Language Seminars: Building Vocabulary (for EYFS & Primary) 02/03/2021  13:00-16:00
Speech & Language Seminars: Promoting Vocabulary (for Secondary) 02/03/2021  13:00-16:00
Speech & Language Seminars: raising awareness & increasing understanding of Speech, Language & Communication Needs 02/03/2021  09:00-12:00

































Targeted Interventions - evidence-based intervention packages

Nurture in Practice


13:00 - 14:30

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Know yourself, Know the child



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Small Steps

03/02/2021 & 10/02/2021


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Can’t find the course you need? 

Commission bespoke Training for your school, setting, cluster or MAT - bespoke training to build on core packages or for specific, low incidence needs.

Please get in touch and our specialist team will her find the right solution for you: