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Our Inclusive Education Service is here to work in partnership with you to promote inclusion, achievement, and to secure better outcomes for the children and young people you care for who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). We’ll work with you to make sure your pupils get the very best support.

Working with educational settings as well as individual children and young people, our comprehensive Inclusive Education Service has been developed to provide you with practical support and advice tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Consultancy, training and advice: We offer a range of assistance and training on; cognition and learning, communication and interaction, autism, early years advice for SEND, hearing and visual impairment, physical disability, dyslexia, social, emotional and mental health, managing challenging behaviour, tracking progress for children with SEND and specialist techniques for gaining pupil voice
  • Managing conduct behaviour training: Our specialists also provide de-escalation training and training in managing challenging behaviour to help staff manage challenging behaviour and raise their awareness of statutory duties, we also offer THRIVE training
  • Specific intervention training: This includes The Reading Intervention Programme (TRIP), lego therapy, colourful semantics, intensive interaction, social skills training, listening skills interventions, inference training and many more
  • Reviews of SEND provision: We offer reviews of your school SEND provision, either in general or in a targeted area to help you develop your offer, meet statutory duties and raise achievement

Consisting of a range of specialist advice and supervision, the Inclusive Education Service is dedicated to enhancing your support of children and young SEND pupils.

  • Qualified: All of our staff are highly qualified and are experienced in working with schools to enhance their inclusion of SEND children and young people
  • Flexible: Our packages can be tailored to suit you, whether you want to receive specific hands on support, modelling strategies, trouble shooting, coaching, or a comprehensive package of training and advice
  • Focused: Through our service, both schools and parents/carers will gain confidence and a better understanding of the needs of their children
  • Dedicated: We care about young people - our service has been created especially with the aim of helping them achieve their greatest potential