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Minibus team



We have a fantastic minibus service, with unrivalled experience in supporting schools and settings.  With room for up to 14 passengers, full access for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties, we can get you moving!

We all need to get from A to B which is why our fleet of 70 minibuses and 180 qualified drivers and staff are here to get you to where you need to be.

  • Short-term hire: Our minibuses are available for hire on weekdays, and evenings and weekends, with driven or self- drive options
  • Long-term hire: Longer periods of hire are possible during school holidays for those
  • Self-drive: For local authority staff, there is an option to self-drive the minibuses if your nominated driver as passed the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) assessment
  • Training: We can help train or retrain nominated drivers with our regular MiDAS training programmes
  • Extra support: Our passenger assistants are trained to help people who require extra support, and our drivers can aid passengers between the bus and their destination if they have reduced mobility
  • High standards: Our 180 drivers and passenger assistants are trained to a high standard and are sensitive to the needs of our passengers, treating everyone equally with respect and dignity
  • Qualified: All drivers are MiDAS trained and have taken a practical ability tests before being appointed
  • Safe: All staff are DBS checked to an enhanced level, and all have completed a comprehensive induction programme including health and safety training, first aid, safeguarding and vehicle evacuation
  • Cost-effective: You need only pay for what you need – we don’t tie you into complex agreements for our minibuses

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