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We know that HR in schools can be complicated. That’s why our schools HR management team is here to provide you and your organisation with expert, friendly advice and support.


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NYHR is a comprehensive school human resource management solution designed to support you with the full range of school HR queries. 

We offer award-winning services with experienced advisors who understand educational contexts. This includes focussed solutions for a range of HR issues in schools, from simple queries to complex casework.



We provide a hotline for day-to-day HR queries and an HR Advisor / Senior HR Advisor dedicated to your school, offering guidance to help you stay on top of your HR and recruitment requirements. You can also commission our team for bespoke requirements including complex independent investigations. We also offer mediation and facilitation, which is carried out by qualified counsellors, and can be used to help resolve issues in the workplace and manage conflict effectively. 



Frequent changes to employment law means it’s important to stay abreast of updates to legislation. We will keep you updated on the latest developments with regulations and legislation



HR training events and bespoke training solutions delivered in partnership with you.

NYHR has been designed to support you with the full range of school HR management, so that you can focus on your core tasks and provide the best outcomes for your pupils.


  • Dependable: Providing responsive and proactive support, where all advice is provided by a qualified expert during working hours


  • Flexible: let us tailor our products and services to the specific needs of your school and employees


  • Informed: Keeping you up-to-date with policies and procedures, enabling giving advice and guidance on employment matters 


  • Great value: Regular communication, training events and competitive pricing