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We offer open and bespoke safeguarding training solutions to support school governors, head teachers, owners and management committees  to deliver effective safeguarding techniques in order to protect children in their care.

We provide training courses for education sector staff and children’s workers – increasing your understanding of safeguarding legislation and confidence in this area.

  • Safeguarding Children & Referrals: Our experienced training and learning officers aim to increase your understanding of the referrals process, what makes a good referral and the role Early Help and MAST have in supporting you to safeguard children effectively.
  • Whole School/Setting Safeguarding: Training teachers and early years practitioners in safeguarding legislation and its implications, forms and indicators of abuse (including ‘peer’ abuse and links with technology), deals with disclosures, recording, reporting and sharing safeguarding information, signposting external support, and identifying their designated safeguarding lead
  • Safer Recruitment for Early Years: A training session giving early years management staff the information and understanding to recruit safely and comply with relevant statutory guidance.
  • Comprehensive Child Protection Pathway: This course provides you with an understanding of the Child Protection Pathway for those expected to attend child protection conferences, and includes risk analysis, decision-making, strategy meetings, core groups, and child protection under a Signs of Safety model of conferences – enabling participants to ensure effective multi-agency work
  • Comprehensive Child Protection Pathway Refresher: A half day course, to promote effective safeguarding practices through developing knowledge and skills for the Designated Safeguarding Lead and their Deputies.
  • Toxic Trio: This half day course explores the impact on children, young people and parenting when their parents are experiencing specific difficulties: - Parental Substance Misuse; Parental Mental Illness; Domestic Abuse.
  • Young People & Risky Behaviour: This is a full day's classroom training covering a range of risky behaviours and the links to adolescent development. It explores issues relevant to safeguarding young people exhibiting risky behaviours, including self-harm, new psychoactive substances, substance misuse, unsafe relationships, sexual practice, gangs and groups and radicalisation. It aims to equip delegates with skills and tools to support their work with young people.
  • Tackling Exploitation: This full day course looks at the subject of child exploitation, including Sexual, Modern Day Slavery, Trafficking, Criminal, including County Lines and Contextual Safeguarding, how risks are managed by supporting children and young people with disruption tactics, including the NRM and multi agency work
  • Additional Training: We also deliver on topics such as Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Safeguarding Children with Disabilities. Other topics are available on request.

We are committed to helping you protect and promote the welfare of children by creating an environment where you are equipped, educated and supported in your safeguarding role. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

Experienced: All of our Training and Learning Officers are experienced, highly knowledgeable and committed to ensuring safeguarding measures are met

Flexible: We offer both pre-packaged and bespoke safeguarding training for you and your staff

Delegates: Our courses are suitable for designated safeguarding leads in schools, colleges and early years settings, for adult services workers, professionals working with children and young people, and voluntary sector personnel working with vulnerable children, young people and families