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Being part of the Energy and Sustainability Service, the Schools Carbon Reduction Service is able to provide a unique service for schools as they combine energy monitoring and management expertise with curriculum-focused activities for pupils and staff, provided by our very own super-hero, Power-down Pete.

Power-down Pete can come into your school and work with staff and children on energy, water, waste and sustainability activities; helping you enrich the curriculum and save money at the same time. The team have extensive experience in delivering high quality curriculum based inputs to all key stages.

Schools that use this service as part of the Energy Service’s “total service” use 8% less energy per pupil than schools who don’t take the whole package. They thereby reduce consumption, saving money and helping educate future generations about our responsibilities to the planet. For more information on the Energy and Sustainability Service click here.

  • Eco-Schools: We deliver curriculum-based subjects in schools and support staff through the international ‘Eco-Schools’ programme
  • Pupil events: We run highly popular events each term to enable learning outside the classroom experiences, which includes our annual Energy and Celebration events and themed sessions including Fairtrade, farming and waste
  • Assemblies: Our themed enviornmental assemblies will engage the whole school with protecting the environment
  • Resources: Environmental teaching resources are available for lessons and curriculum enrichment days
  • Track-record: By working within schools, we have successfully reduced energy consumption and supported learning
  • Broad and balanced: Education for Sustainable Development supports many aspects of the school curriculum, with links to the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural [SMSC] agenda
  • Staff and student support: We will work alongside staff and pupils to identify actions that will help you save money, energy and carbon
  • Unique: We are undoubtedly one of a kind! Our service is highly popular with our customers, with one Headteacher stating the visit to her school was “relevant, fun and full of learning” 
  • Whole school approach: A ‘whole school approach’ puts your pupils in the driving seat for reducing energy, waste and water consumption and allows students to take responsibility for running elements of the school
  • Energy service: We act as a conduit for schools to access other elements of the energy traded service