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Dedicated to helping you benefit from the best school ICT solutions with a whole-life service, working alongside you as a trusted partner. 


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Or phone us on: 01609 533222


Specialist Schools ICT and education services include:


  • Annual support contracts: packages to help look after your hardware and software, both in the classroom and in the office

  • Intelligent IT procurement: choose from a range of software license options and robust, fit for purpose equipment from our carefully selected supplier frameworks 

  • Website services: a sound understanding of Ofsted requirements means our team can design, build, or refresh your website and keep it running smoothly

  • Personal development and training: courses aimed at giving staff the tools, techniques and confidence to make the best use of school and education specific software

  • Help desk: The first point of contact for requests for advice and support, manned by industry trained agents who’ll always attempt to resolve problems at first contact

 To find out more about the school ICT services we offer please click here.

Schools ICT has the experience, knowledge and excellent customer service to keep you up and running:


  • Help is just a phone call, email, or click away: unlimited telephone, remote and on-site assistance with technicians to provide you with the support you need. 

  • Access to a wide range of products and services: advice and guidance, setting up new hardware and installations, training and ongoing support

  • All staff are qualified and experienced professionals, bringing a broad understanding of the challenges, needs and solutions to your school

  • We’ll provide you with a wide range of cost-effective options that ensure you receive value for money

  • A proven track-record of support in delivering relevant and innovative ICT solutions to schools and organisations


To find out more about the school ICT services we offer please click here.