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Roecliffe School



The importance and value of trees is widely recognised with many social, economic and environmental benefits gained from their presence. Our Tree and Woodland Service has extensive experience in ensuring trees are managed in the best way, helping our customers to fulfil their duty of care requirements.

From carrying out tree surveys, diagnosing pests and diseases through to managing conflict resolution, we are here to support and advise you.

  • Surveys and inspections: This provides a range of outcomes such as assessments of tree health and conditions, risks posed to persons or property and advice on the long term sustainability of your tree population; detailed work recommendations are provided following these inspections
  • Contract management: We can provide management of contractors who have been through a tender process so that we are satisfied they meet legislative and quality requirements, which means work will be carried out safely to a high standard and ensure legal and insurance aspects are covered
  • Tree selection and planting: Our Tree Selection and Planting experts will work with you on location and species selection, aftercare planning, orchard creation, specialist fruit tree pruning and can provide planting and aftercare training
  • Expert: Our service is un-biased, independent and only recommends work which is either genuinely required to alleviate health and safety concerns or is considered the most appropriate management prescription for the benefit of the trees and the school
  • History: The service has access to information relating to trees on sites prior to conversion to academy status so has a detailed history of past management which can be beneficial and economical in providing an on-going service to academies
  • Track record: Established in 2003, we have a proven track record on delivering quality customer service. We pride ourselves on being approachable, pragmatic and understanding and tailoring all advice to the customers’ requirements