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Stacey Burlet

Stacey Burlet: a journey to the future of education

The dreaded chirp of my phone alarm goes off and for a minute I can’t quite figure out where I am…then I remember the early wake up call is for a very good reason…we’re off to the Houses of Parliament! As I met my colleagues there was an air of excitement – like a trip to Santa for grown ups! Not only were we going to one of the most fascinating and historic buildings in the country but we were there to be part of what I think is one of the most relevant developments within the education sector in a long time; the launch of the Institute of Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Education (IEAIED).

So myself and my colleagues from the NYES team - Harry Rashid, Andy Lancashire and Louise Burke fight with the delights of the morning rush hour in London and turn up right on time with a lot of anticipation for what is sure to be a great morning. With our exclusive invitations we were welcomed by our host Rt Hon John Bercow in the most amazing venue where we met with some outstanding sector professionals before the event began.

It started with an introduction from each of its three founders; educationalist Sir Anthony Seldon, AI in education scientist Professor Rose Luckin and social impact entrepreneur Priya Lakhani who gave a great overview of what the institute is all about.

The Institute has been set up because the growing volume and diversity of data generated raises ethical concerns about what happens to that data, who owns it, who uses it, for what purposes, and who is accountable for its interpretation and exploitation.

They hope it will tackle the threat young people face due to the unduly rapid growth of new technology with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) software to accelerate learning outcomes.

What they want to achieve is fantastic and right up our street as an organisation that’s looking to take technology and innovation by the horns and incorporate it into the services we offer. The passion for what they are looking to achieve was tangible and it was brilliant to be in the company of great people with a true desire to make education better for everyone.

It might sound a huge mountain to climb but AI is definitely the way things are heading so the institute is a really welcome addition to the education landscape. As a leading supplier to schools I want to make sure we embrace AI and really do use it as a power for good with education providers and pupils.


Stacey Burlet

Commercial Director NYES