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Staying eco friendly during COVID-19

For over 8 weeks now, most children have been learning at home, with the help of their parents and online tool kits.

With home learning in mind, NYCC’s Peter Bell, an Energy Reduction Officer (or what he is known across schools in North Yorkshire as, Power Down Pete), has launched a new website for children aged 7 and 11 years old to teach them all about Climate Change, and the importance of Carbon Reduction.
With Peter not able to visit schools at the moment, it is a fantastic opportunity for children to still engage with NYCC during these unprecedented times. It is one of the many innovative ways staff are trying to maintain service continuity with schools.

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Peter said, “It is vital that we still maintain connections with the school and their communities as well as encourage the children to take an interest in environmental issues”.

The website, NYCC Eco Education has a range of activities designed to be accessed online by children aged between 7 and 11 years old, and assists both children and parents in understanding the issues facing planet earth.

Each lesson is neatly packaged into PowerPoints, videos and worksheets that can be printed, along with some quiz challenges to complete online.

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Some children across the county were kind enough to review this website, and told us their thoughts:


Amelia and Anna

Pete hopes he will be back soon visiting schools and enthusing the next generation of Eco warriors.

For more information, email:

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