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Stress Awareness Week 2021

As we mark #StressAwarenessWeek this week and today being #StressAwarenessDay (4th November) we’re looking at how you can support the wellbeing of yourself and your team within the workplace. The Global Pandemic shone a light on the importance of looking after not only our physical but mental health too – but as life returns to ‘normal’ it’s easy to let that focus slip and push ourselves too far, compromising our mental wellbeing.

Did you know that during the past 12 months around 74% of UK adults have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope? Stress doesn’t only affect us emotionally.  It is detrimental to our physical and mental health, causing problems which range from anxiety and depression to obesity and heart disease. Given the statistics, it’s vital to implement measures to deal with stress and support teams within the workplace.

Throughout the last few months and continuing into the academic year our NYES team have been working hard to equip you with the tools you need to support your team throughout the most stressful points of the year – and the usual day-to-day challenges too. In September we launched our new wellbeing brochure, bringing together several of our service areas in a collaborative approach to help you implement areas from the DofE Education Staff Wellbeing Charter. The guide includes key points from the Charter, top tips to support staff wellbeing and how NYES can fit into your support strategy. We’ve received great feedback and look forward to continuing development of our wellbeing offering.

While our Wellbeing brochure is a welcome new addition, our NYES Health and Wellbeing team have been delivering support to schools on a range of topics from stress to weight management for decades. Our Health and Wellbeing team provide support in a multitude of ways to suit your team – whether they prefer a paper-based resource or a technology solution, the recently released Health Assured app has made a huge difference in enabling staff to access support.

If you’d like to look at implementing some new staff support measures within your school – or just need some advice we’re here to help. Our training may be first step for you, or you may wish to look at our Health and Wellbeing SLA.