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Using Tyres Safely in your School

Tyres are a wonderful resource for early years and play settings and can be enjoyed safely if you check them regularly and follow some simple guidelines.

Are they Clean?

All tyres must be thoroughly cleaned using a scrubbing brush and suitable detergent. Be very careful with old tractor tyres which may contain farm yard faecal matter. Watch out for embedded dirt – if the tyres have any splits they must be discarded.

Are they in Good Condition?

Tyres are made up of layers so can contain metal and other material cores. If the tyres split these can become exposed, causing sharp edges, and bits of rubber can come off. If this happens make sure you replace the tyres.

Check them wearing heavy-duty gloves, keep them clean and make sure any water collecting on the insides is removed.

Are they Stored or Installed Safely?

Tyres are combustible and give off toxic smoke if burned. Store them correctly in a secure location.

If you’re installing them into a play area then make sure you follow EN1176 Play Equipment and Surfacing. This gives you valuable guidance on where tyres should be sited and potential trapping hazards.

Did you know that tyres take hundreds of years to break down in landfill? Reusing them in a play setting for construction, making obstacles or even gardening is a fantastic way to do your bit for the environment.

Find out how we can help your pupils to learn and explore safely in the great outdoors!