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Is your school sufficiently resilient to deal with the ever rising threat of fraud? Are your staff trained to detect fraud and do they report their concerns? If not, we can help!

Veritau provides a range of assurance services designed to protect schools. Prevention, detection and deterrence are the three pillars of our counter fraud service.

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We help prevent fraud by training your staff on fraud awareness, cybercrime and emerging threats facing schools. Our independent whistleblowing service makes it easier for members of staff to report their concerns. Regular alerts and reminders help staff to detect fraud if your organisation is targeted by fraudsters. We can also help deter fraud by assisting your school to put strong controls and processes in place.

Are you concerned about a fraud occurring within your school or have you received a potentially fake email?  Our helpdesk and email checking service can provide the advice you need.

Schools are encouraged to put arrangements in place to enable staff to report concerns, including whistleblowing. Veritau can support you by conducting an annual review of your whistleblowing policy, providing an independent hotline for individuals to report their concerns anonymously, and promoting whistleblowing through publicity material for staff.   We can produce an annual report for your audit committee detailing the number and type of whistleblowing cases, any frauds detected, the outcome of the whistleblowing policy review and fraud awareness training provided.

If your school requires our investigation service, you’ll receive a 10% discount on our hourly rate as an annual subscriber.

What we offer:

  • Helpdesk (advice on fraud matters/fraud prevention) 
  • Fraudulent email checking service
  • Annual review of your whistleblowing policy
  • Independent whistleblowing hotline and promotional material 
  • At least two fraud awareness training sessions per year (delivered virtually)
  • Regular alerts on the latest frauds affecting schools 
  • An annual report for your audit committee
  • 10% discount on any investigations

What we offer: 

  • An independent and impartial investigation
  • A dedicated investigator to liaise with the school throughout the course of the investigation
  • A comprehensive investigation report of findings and recommendations
  • Assistance at disciplinary hearings and employment tribunals
  • Presentation of the report at audit committees
  • Assistance with the recovery of any loss